About Us

my name is Kwesi Anan Odum. I have been an eye doctor for 15 years with special interest in integrative and complementary medicine. I am also a META-Health Master Trainer, Lusher Colour Master Trainer, 64keys Expert and GeniusReport Coach.
My passion is to bridge ancient wisdom systems with modern sciences. I explore the basic structures in which people feel, know, think, act, how they see themselves and assist them in transforming their lives, unfolding their individual core Self and bringing positive shifts in their lives.

I offer consultations in person in the UK and online and conduct workshops and seminars in META-Health, Lusher Colour System, 64keys and GeniusReport worldwide.

Email: info@drkwesi.com
Mobile: +447340250651
Office: +441158881061
Skype: drkwesianan